Red Velvet’s ‘The Red Summer’ Comeback: K-POP Concept Theory

So Yeri (Purple Hearts) started dropping teasers for Red Velvet’s anticipated comeback through Red Velvet’s newly opened ¬†Twitter account (Go and unfollow SMTOWNGlobal!). The first set of teasers were of Irene followed by Yeri, then Joy, then Seulgi and finally Wendy.

Right after the release of the teasers, ReVeluv’s went wild with their imagination, making up theories about the concept behind ‘The Red Summer’ comeback.

Out of it all, many fans are speculating over the possibilities of a horror/mystery concept based on the teaser images. This comeback, however, each member has been earmarked to a particular fruit; Irene- Watermelon, Yeri- Grapes, Joy- Kiwi, Seulgi- Pineapple, Wendy- Orange.

Theory Time:

tenor (1).gif

Fruits in any art form, have always been known to bear allegories and symbolism. Fruits are often a symbol of abundance associated with fruitfulness but it can also represent the earthly pleasures.

The color red is attributed to assertiveness, energetic, determination, enthusiastic impulsive, exciting, the color also symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. Red is an intense color that represents the power packed emotions representing both the cupid and the devil. Too much red apparently means agitation, anger and overbearing and it is also associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive.

The Teasers:

  • Irene’s first teaser had a line flashing across: “Back when I was a child, I wasn’t tough like this, I was very weak”.
  • Yeri: “I used to dream of becoming jam when I grew up”
  • Joy: ” It hasn’t been very long since I’ve arrived in Korea”
  • Seulgi: “I always got caught at school for having an inappropriate hairstyle”
  • Wendy: “I hate how I’m always rolling around”

¬†What if all these lines are interchanged with each other like Joy was born in Korea so it doesn’t make sense, unless if think about it, Wendy came to Korea a few years back so it hasn’t been that long. And Seulgi’s line could attribute to Yeri since she’s still in school. Lol, I don’t know it just crossed my mind.

  • Many were pointing as to how there was evidence of the fruit concept since Rookie, it could be a prelude to this summer comeback, like in Rookie, you can see puppetry, like being controlled or being watched and told to do things, there was a flower man in the mv who in a scene was being controlled by Irene with strings, the flower man (flowers) could be an allegory of blossoming with age.
  • We’ll probably see them trying to grow out their old selves and blossom through ‘Red Flavor’. Maybe they are running away from their old selves, and also cut and open fruits represent sensuality and maturity.
  • The girls with bangs and head ribbons dressed in red can mean their old selves directed through the agitation and confusion as they mature and blossom as they try to find themselves, and the images in blue could mean that they find themselves, which drives them deliberately from the previous state of agitation to a level of serenity which could possibly explain the day and night teasers.

Orange symbolizes free will, grapes symbolizes fertility and salvation and I don’t about the rest, meaning I got so frustrated trying to figure out what it could possibly point out to.

Scraps of theories, some form potential connections while the other parts don’t quite seem to fit in. In Rookie, at the end, the closet door bursts open which could mean liberation, like liberating one’s self from the previously build-up image, hmmm..

Or it could be like Russian Roulette, with the girls trying to kill each other, horror concept vibes.

LOL! I honestly don’t know what Red Velvet have in store for us, but I’m hyped for this comeback. We’ll just have to wait and watch I guess, I’m kinda betting on the whole “blossoming¬†,trying to find themselves” concept, IDK, let’s wait and watch!



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