Scenes You Can Always Find In K-Drama

I fell into the K-Drama trap, not too long ago and it’s safe to say that I will never get out of the “K-Drama black hole” anytime soon. So, when I watch K-dramas at 2 A.M in the morning when everyone else is sleeping soundly, I’ve noticed that there are certain scenes that always make a show in a K-drama series, many would actually already know all of this, so I’ll just get right to it!

  • The Wrist Grab:

Almost all of the K-dramas that I’ve watched have always had “the wrist grab” scene, to be honest, I always think it’s quite unnecessary; they can just talk it out, you know, with words but I guess it’s on the K-drama writers.


  • Kissing Scenes:

Oh, don’t even get me started! Kissing scenes in K-dramas are so cringeworthy, it’s almost always the male character, who out of nowhere pulls the female character and plants a kiss on her lips while she stands there like a deer caught in the headlights.



  • United States:

I don’t know but I’ve come across dramas, where some character in the drama mentions the USA at least once. Scenes, where one mentions about living in the Sates, studying there. It’s just something I’ve noticed, it is almost like a big thing, IDK.


  • Product Placements:

Advertisements in K-dramas, Lol, it’s the untimely placements of ads that seem funny to me. Let’s talk about Subway, there is no drama without the main leads going to get a sub. And this other time, when I was watching W: Two Worlds, there was this intense where the main lead is pondering upon something and right behind there’s a domain name of some website which made me go:


giphy (8).gif

Let’s be real! Subway+Kdrama=OTP

But all this aside, truth be told, one can never truly get out of K-Dramaland!

What did you think? Like it, Share! -Jane


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