BIGBANG TOP’s Drug Scandal

If you’re a K-fan who has been constantly active on social networking sites or not, either way you would probably know and you sure as heck would’ve heard about a certain someone who has been headlining many articles on SNS recently.

That headline must give you an idea, yes, we gonna talk about T.O.P’s marijuana scandal.

  • So I’m not going into too much details, just that TOP was charged for illegal marijuana use and was handed to the prosecutors by Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency after  receiving a tip in March.
  • So basically the police tested his hair, for which tested positive for marijuana use when he was training at the police facility.
  • TOP was said to have smoked marijuana in the company of a female trainee, Han Seo Hee, in October, who was already been charged for purchasing marijuana and LSDs while being investigated and smoking marijuana four times with TOP at his home.
  • TOP initially stated that he was unaware that it was marijuana and he’d thought it was an electronic cigarette but he later owned up to it.
  • The trainee, Han Seo Hee, has been sentenced to four years of probation with three-year prison sentence if she violates it by commiting the offense (let’s hope she doesn’t) along with a $850 fine and drug rehabilitation.

The trainee was said to have turned to drugs due to depression and anxiety of her debut getting delayed. Many peeps on various social networks keep bashing her, putting out words and saying that she must have forced TOP to use marijuana and some other things about her attitude and personality (Apparently she commented on Instagram about how she was hugging and kissing oppas)

2017-06-30 (17).png

  • TOP’s lawyer also revealed that the two were dating when they smoked marijuana together, like what else could they have been doing? Watching tv, playing games, cooking? xD 
  • TOP was sentenced 10 months probation period and if he violates it by repeating the offense he will  possibly face a prison sentence.
  • Both of them are accountable, equally for their mistakes, neither it was wholly the trainee’s fault nor was it entirely upon TOP.
  • Depression, mental illness is real, idols suffer a lot, from being a trainee up till their debut, some even after their debut.
  • While some can go on about how smoking marijuana is not a big deal, it is illegal in South Korea.
  • Honestly that girl’s life is gone with the wind, we all know how critical k-netz can be; I know that TOP is going be alright, he made a lot of mistakes, hopefully he’ll own up to it.
  • Believe me, I was actually like double standards, meh, the girl is being targeted as the sole reason of it but nah that changed for whatever reason.
  • Many idols have been pretty open about their struggle with depression and anxiety, this is actually sad that they turn to drugs, but it’s the law there, meh.

I just hope that both of them, Han Seo Hee and TOP get out this mess and get on with their lives.


Note: Featured Gif is my fav, irrelevant to the actually post, haha! 


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