K-Pop Music, Good For Your Eardrum

I did vanish for a couple of weeks, to nowhere but here I am, with some music recommendations.

These past few weeks have been wonderful, with my faves bringing some finely grained, freshly brewed K-Pop music, but also I’ve been listening to some music from new groups and artists, good K-Music snatching me up has made it all seem wondrous.

Check ’em out, some of my faves!

  • LOONA:

LOONA, a twelve member girl group from BlockBerry Creative are still in their pre-debut phase with the company announcing that it will reveal a new member every month starting from October 2016, with a solo song  and accompanying music video shot in different locations around the world; two or more songs featuring the previously revealed members as a sub-unit, some with accompanying MVs.

You gotta stan them, holy faak, the vocals, the art direction, the locations and those aesthetically stimulating concepts.

As of June, seven members (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul) have been revealed, all them talented and visuals, it doesn’t get better than this.

Here are LOONA‘s solo songs:

  • JinSoul- Singing In The Rain:

Watch and get enthralled!

  • Kim Lip- Eclipse :

I just affixed the last two members who released songs, you can check the other MVs here!  Five more girls are yet to unveil their charms and they, surely, will transport to Loonverse. They are literally fiyahhh, support and stan these talented girls!

  • Stellar:

Stellar had a comeback recently with Archangels of the Sephiroth, honestly it has got down this unique, mysterious vibe to it, both the song and the MV. Go check them out!

I was kinda mad that I ended up watching their music video’s due some nonsensical controversy kind of thing in South Korea, which I’d been reading about on various websites propelling me to include them in this hellish-kinda article. xD

Their songs differ in abounding proportions away from those sappy songs from some K-POP girl groups; they are a star quality group and you’ll regret it if you don’t stan them.

So yes, my minimal rant, go and listen to their songs because they’re bop!

  • Apink:

Apink also had their comeback, and I’m happy as heck because I love them, like a lot. I only started stanning them because of SNSD (Yes, I’m going to mention them whenever I get an opportunity!) 

And I know what I mentioned earlier but Apink in general are amazing, cute dorks who can thrash your conservative ass with sexy concepts if they wanted to, but fonow watch and stan these dorks.


  • BOA:

OMFG! BoA just came back and did that! Queen of being relevant after 17 years, that’s BoA! Became a fan somewhere along the way, her impact on this industry is no joke and this song is just (alien soundsgahhh!! No words! 

The cinematography, the vocals, and those visuals, this dance rhythm will make ya groove!

And SM was (is?) an ass because they didn’t upload the music video on Youtube sooner but they eventually did; you had one job (Bishh)!

  • Triple H:

Hyuna, Hui and E-Dawn from Pentagon, are a trio sub-unit who had their debut in May. Been following Hyuna ever since I watched ‘Invincible Youth’ ( A wonderful reality show, try watching it)

365 Fresh has got a nice beat and this whole trio seems interesting, Hyuna’s was all it took for me to watch and now I like them as a trio, nice vocals, rap lines and this music video is very interesting, it’s not upbeat but it’s got a realistic storyline and it looks good.


  • SURAN:

Why did I sleep on her? Yes, I’m such an ido. Anyway, Suran’s songs are so good, like ‘hello newfound obsession’; a Queen, we all need.

Her song 1+1=0 feat Dean, made me relate to it on a spiritual level, because that’s what I’m kinda going through.

*Pikachu singing voice* 1+1=0, I’m still younnngggg..

She’s got a beautiful voice and also listen to Wine/ If I get Drunk Today, it’s got that intimate feel to it, idk just listen to it!


SURAN- Wine/If I Get Drunk Today:

Ahh!  I’ve got so many good songs lined up but don’t wanna clutter this post, I’ll post another article soon.

Watcha think? Like it or Nah?giphy (5).gif





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