5 Korean Dishes That You’ve To Try At Least Once In Your Life

When you’re head deep in the ocean of K-World, from your favorite k-pop group to your favorite drama show, one thing quite often makes an appearance everywhere in the K-world; food, food, food. 

South Korea is known to have an exquisite cuisine that has gradually undergone many altercations with tinting influences over the past few centuries , which now, is known to soar and drench people in a splendour of dishes much more than the average Kimchi and Soju (Beverage, I know!). xD

Truth be told, your stomach needs some diversity, the only way to your soul and heart is through your stomach and the only rationale available to satisfy that need to explore the manifold of culture is through food.

Here are some glorious Korean dishes that will make your mouth drool:

  • Kimchi :

Kimchi, the forever sidekick and the main point of interest at every Korean restaurant and home. The salted, fermented cabbage with spices will be a good place to start your palate adventure.



  • Gimbap:

Vegetables saute, with rice, sesame oil and pickled radish rolled in sheets of seaweed which then is sliced neatly, like coins into smol circular bites; it’s just too darn pretty on a plate.


  • Naengmyeon:

Cold buckwheat noodles or naengmyeon is pretty popular among many, is usually made as a tart broth with sweet potatoes topped with radish, cucumber and eggs, it shh–simply  looks amazing.


  • Tteokbokki:

This spicy-sweet dish with cooked rice cakes, fish cakes in a spicy sauce will make you want more of this slurp dish.


  • Jjajangmyeon:

This is actually my favourite, this black bean sauce noodles is everything, fun fact- Black Day observed in South Korea, is when sad, mad, awesome single people drown and wallow in a big bowl of black bean noodles.


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