Sexism In K-POP, I Can’t Even…

The quite evident passion I’ve for K-Pop is no joke, in real honesty I’ve a love-hate relationship with the whole scene; no one can ward off the very simple fact that sexism is real, favouritism is real.

Girl group idols have been always under the scrutiny of the public, criticized for their private life (read: dating life), from slut shaming to body shaming, apparently even for showing rude attitude on the camera( okaayy..) ; they have faced it all.

  • Comments from netizens is one thing , but then when it coming from some well-known idols in the  K-POP industry directed particularly towards female idols, it makes you wonder whether these idols were really being truthful or that they simply didn’t think at all before making such statements.
  • When under the spotlight, idols need to realize that there are millions of fans who listen to their music, supporting them; fans literally idolize their favourite’s to a point where even if an idol makes a blunder, they (Fans) choose to simply negate it with  blatant excuses saying their idol really ‘didn’t mean it in that context’.
  •  In supporting and disregarding that very fact, many fans continue to rally behind their idols and stay oblivious to everything, like nothing ever happened.
  • While K-POP idols are just human beings who are put under the shady glamour of the K-industry to sell dreams, they are entitled to their opinions, however, if any of their comments are even a little demeaning then the fans readily need to acknowledge it and merely not ignore it, and try to make their idols understand that their comments are putting off.
  • That being said, some male idols have apologized, repeatedly, for making eye-raising sexist comments, yet that doesn’t stop the hate from rolling in.
  • Words put out with/ without much thought can have a lasting impression on the audience, it will always come up right back up from the past, that impression is forever branded on the individual celebrity.


  • There have been many circumstances where female idols have been subjected to hate and abuse for literally everything they do and don’t do, sometimes it is just ‘let’s hate on her for no reason’.
  • Objectification and vilifying idols in K-pop scene has been going on for a long time.
  • Many idols don’t have their say in terms of artistic value in songs and albums, though there’s been a rise in artists, for quite sometime, who have been able to turn the tide all around to have full creative control over the content they produce.


  • While innocence, cheerful, being bubbly is associated with an ideal K-pop girl group by some, it isn’t the same case with some boy groups, they usually go for hard-hitting dance numbers switching between soulful R&B numbers, which is well-received by the fans.
  • When girl groups try to do the same, it is received by some with love, while others tend to have mixed feelings about it and the rest simply jump on the bandwagon of hate, in spite of all this, many girl groups have achieved success with such concepts.


  • The entertainment companies initially started marketing the boy groups and girl groups to a group of target audience, the former to girls/women and the latter to boys/men; at the present state of things, this is not quite true considering there is equal amount female fan following for female girl groups.
  • Boy groups and Girl groups make money but entertainment companies show more favouritism towards boy groups because apparently they reel in more money with concerts, album sales and merchandise.
  • Girl groups can reel in money just as same as boy groups, it is simply that the companies decide not to spend it on them; on promotions and opportunities to showcase their potential as a group.
  • While many fans are being vocal about it, companies don’t quite seem to care about it all that much.


  • Longevity of girl groups comes up into discussion, when we see boy groups going strong after so many years-while some might end up disbanding with possibilities of a future reunion- it seems questionable for some girl groups to go on to do the same; yet there is Girls’ Generation, who will be celebrating their tenth anniversary as a group in August, which proves that girl groups can be successful and can go on for a long time; they are probably one of the biggest asset of their entertainment company.
  • Sistar who recently disbanded, parted ways on good terms, after seven years of being one of the most successful girl groups; if they wanted to have a reunion fans would be more than happy to welcome them back.

The trend is slowly changing, one can only hope that it’s about time that the tide changes for good, period.

Note: I will edit this out soon, and this is just my opinion, feel free to add yours! GIF Credit: Tumblr 😛





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