SISTAR: The Quintessence of K-POP in Summer

The start of June was a little uneventful for me because SISTAR released their last song, as a group. The news of Sistar’s disbandment came about two weeks back and ever since then Star1’s have been pretty emotional.

Lonely, will be the girl group’s last single as an act before parting their separate ways to venture further through to their individual activities.

Lonely, after being released has achieved an all-kill on various music charts later that day. Sistar are dubbed as ‘Summer Queens’ for their scintillating comebacks exuding charisma , so it’s only seemingly right as to why the fans are upset with many stating that summer from now on will be pretty lonely without the quintessential group’s songs.

To celebrate their seven-year journey as a girl group in K-pop, here are some of my favourite moments (Meaning moments my favourite era, ‘I Like That’ ) from Sistar:

  • I ventured into Sistarland through Bora (Lovvaa!) who was on Invincible Youth 2, Hyoyeon and Bora were my favourite’s. (Sancho/ Nacho couple)
  • Late, I found myself checking out their songs.
  • SNSD are their biggest fangirls!
  • I honestly feel sad that they disbanded, and Starshit , Starship released a statement saying that it was Hyorin’s decision to come forward with the disbanment; basically the company stated that the members had all agreed that if any one member expressed a desire to disband, the others would respect that and follow through.
  • And I personally think that Starshit is being fishy about this whole thing but if it were true, then my love, support and respect for My Queens will always radiate.
  • Willed myself not to cry during any of their performances, for the last time as a group; I did not cry.  (We all know that isn’t true, I fucking cried and drowned in a bay of salt water and when my sister asked me what was going on, I simply stated that my eyes were sweating)alices-second-crying-scene-in-bottle-v2.gif
  • I can’t even…
giphy (34).gif
Sistar in Summer made you dance and feel the heat.
  • Look at them! How could you Starship? 😥
  • I’m just going to leave some GIFs and take off.
giphy (37).gif
Soyou on a bed of roses.
  • Hyorin and her gloriously flawless skin:

giphy (35).gif


giphy (36).gif
Dasom, enough said.
Bora, my cutie patootie.


My girl Bora looking beautiful!
  • Fangirl tears:

giphy (38).gif

  • I will be rooting for all the four of you, enthral us all with your individual activities; love and support to you always, Slayster!

giphy (33).gif

Watcha think? 

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