Here’s Why You Should Anticipate SNSD -Girls’Generation’s Comeback

SNSD (Girls’ Generation) is making a comeback later in August according to multiple sources and I for one couldn’t be more excited, because it will be their their tenth anniversary as a group.

Now its not a cakewalk for a girl group, to complete ten years in a  dynamic industry where the competition to succeed is real.

Although it seems like just yesterday I was randomly scrolling through YouTube when a video was recommended to me which later went on to change my life completely, though in reality it has been nearly six and a half years of being a K-POP fan. Now SNSD is a group I would support and respect no matter what, its not just their music that has made me a fan but more so importantly their individual persona’s shine through, together, that’s the one thing that has pulled them through the good and bad times, as a group and more importantly as friends. (Soshi Bond-OT9 Forever Bruh!) So since their tenth anniversary as a group is coming up in August, here are some of my favorite moments of the girls being their dorky, stupidly-cute, funny selves outside of the glitz and glamour.

  • When Yuri gave it straight to Sooyoung, her advice though applies to every aspect of life..Bullying, Failure, Break-up, Life crisis... 

    giphy (42).gif
    “Don’t show any weakness”- Kwon Yuri
  • When Soshi were dying out of laughter because of Hyoyeon:


giphy (44).gif
Taeyeon’s face. Hy-Once is a variety gem

giphy (45).gif

  • No one can control SNSD when there’s music, they basically turned the place down:

giphy.gif                                                                    Oh, the chaos! giphy (4).gif                                                          Just look at these dorks!

  • When this cutayyy couldn’t control herself:
giphy (1).gif
Tiffany dancing to APINK’s Mr.Chu

Yes, that’s really subtle boo! Dancing to Apink wearing a pink dress…

  • When Seohyun wanted to jam out to Sistar’s Shake It but..: 
giphy (2).gif
Sooyoung and Tiffany joined Seo-lady and let themselves erm…loose.

                                           Look at them though! Tiffany staph!      

  • Like really Soshi’s last comeback gave us SONES some fun moments:

       giphy (5).gif                                            Human Paper Taeyeon, anyone?

  • Taeyeon adorably fitting inside a toy car:


  • When YulYoon were totally feeling EXID’s Up & Down:

giphy (3).gif

  • When Sunny decided to chase down Minho ’cause she’s always ready to hunt down people:
giphy (6).gif
Soonkyu be hunting down everyone
  • Sunny, one of the aeygo Queen’s of K-POP:

giphy (7).gif

  • Well, then there’s Yoona with the aeygo that is annoyingly cute:

giphy (8).gif

  • Then there’s Sooyoung with her seductive aegyo:
  • giphy (9).gif
  • So to sum it up, SNSD’s comeback will be amazing because there’s going be a lot of variety gold, platinum, silver moments. xD

Well, as you can see I only made GIF from video’s of their latest comeback, so I didn’t include Jess but there’s another post solely about her which you can find in the homepage.

Do share this post and comment?  -Jane.


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