It’s 2017 And If You Still Haven’t Started Watching Korean Dramas, What Are You Doing With Your Life?

So you’re probably swirling your way in the vortex of K-POP so might as well start watching Korean drama’s because if K-POP is that good then you can only imagine what K-Drama can offer up.

I’ve watched quite a few drama shows so lemme try to convince you first, okay? Ready ?

  • You might know Park Shin-hye, the reigning Queen of Korean Dramas, right?
  • This line (from Heartstrings) is perfectly fitting for anyone who has a love-hate relationship with your life, yes?

Heartstrings also featuring Jung Yong-wha (CNBLUE fans, where you at?)

giphy (30).gif
  • When Krystal actually told the one-sided truth in this one:

giphy (33).gif

giphy (34).gif

  • While we’re at it, Soojung had to say that iconic line:
giphy (35).gif
The Heirs

Point is, there are many iconic lines from K-drama’s that will resonate with your soul, mind and heart! So you know..give it a try!

  • Korean Dramas are perfectly wrapped bundle of humor, romance and a ride-wave of emotions:
giphy (36).gif
Legend of the Blue Sea
  • The little jealous moments will probably make you smile:
giphy (37).gif
Legend of the Blue Sea
  • I mean, yes, K-drama kissing scenes are somewhere lingering over the scale of being really bad–>ok-ish–>alright–>real good:like this one.
W:Two Worlds


  • Fresh narratives exuding verve, aesthetically pleasing camerawork , allegories, the authentic yet funny portrayal by the actors, the seemingly fitting background scores are a colossal combo; that will make you fall in love with K-dramas, swoon over the actors (gender neutral :3) 
  • Actors, who will carry you to a state of bliss, the K-Dramaland!

Have you ever witnessed any TV show where the actual plot orbits about and around:

  • A mermaid (Legend of the Blue Sea)
  • A web series character ( W)
  • An alien (My Love from The Star)

No? I didn’t think so..

Admirable acting, awe-inspiring cinematography and compelling plot lines; K-dramas will surely stagger your world to the point where you will be overwhelmed with a bucket list of K-dramas to keep up with: the K-drama life! 

Basically when you first start watching K-dramas:

  • Korean drama shows will probably ruin you for normal life; when reality kicks in, you’d be snickering and be like:

  • But nonetheless, you’d get your head down into the beautiful world of K-dramas, waiting for emotionally packed events that will fill your life with wonderment:

giphy (40).gif

Well wasn’t that persuading enough for you? Give it a go, you will be happy that you did, trust me!

So watcha think? Like , Share and Follow! -Jane


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