Jessica Jung: From a Princess to a Queen

Jessica Jung, has been slaying us all in numerous ways!

BEWARE! There’s gonna be a lot of fangirling! You’ve been warned!

  • We all know that Jess was a part of the legendary group SNSD:

giphy (26).gif

  • But, Jess announced that she was forced out of the group in 30th September 2014 on her personal account on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging platform.
Jess probably when she was asked to leave the group.
  • Fans were heartbroken and clearly Jessica was devastated too, in her interviews that followed it was quite visible.
giphy (27).gif
Me after I heard the news.
  • Many anti-fans thought “Oh, well this is probably the end of their careers” only it wasn’t. SNSD made a comeback( That’s for another post) and JESSICA kick-started her career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur with her venture BLANC & ECLARE; slayed the fashion industry like a boss!


giphy (13).gif

  • Jessica probably at those anti-fans:

giphy (22).gif

  • Then came the news that Jess would be releasing an album for her fans:

giphy (21).gif

  • With Love, J and Wonderland ; both of the albums reflected her style in literally everything.

giphy (24).gif

  • The music video’s were just ah-mazing!

giphy (17).gif

  • Food, Books her favourite things
giphy (18).gif
Cute right?
giphy (14).gif
Books, her favourite.
  • Dancing & sweeping through everyone’s heart:

giphy (12).gif

  • We gotta talk about Soojung (Krystal) who was there beside her sister during hard times.
giphy (19).gif
  • Jessica could totally give any model a run for their money.

    giphy (16).gif
    See for yourself!
giphy (15).gif
You agree now?
  • Jessica, has made quite the career outside of everything that she was known for; from being a part of one of the biggest girl group in K-Pop to an entrepreneur, a designer, a fashion icon, songwriter and as an artist with her music.

giphy (23).gif

So watcha think? Like it or nah?

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