Edition:IV- Best K-POP Music Video’s

Here are some of the best MVs that are just too good.

  • SHINee:

Unbelievable! I’ll never forgive myself for having not included SHINee in the previous posts. Anyway, this one’s good ’cause …SHINee..enough said! ❤

View is totally my jam! Retro style music video vibes that’ll make you wanna get up and dance.

Oh and also, how can one not talk about Lucifer, another gem from one of the most talented groups ever to have existed in K-POP, PERIOD! I’m looking at you S.M.E, WHAT’S GOOD? 

You’ll probably try to dance the choreography and then pass out because it will wear you down, at least that’s what happened to some of us.

  • f(x):

Okay, I’ll try to calm tf down! Gotta to write about these Queens!

f(x) is quite unique and distinctive from the other groups, everything that comes out of this talented group is just glorious. (Can you tell that I’m a fan? :3)

Electric Shock is one of the most addictive songs that you simply go back to ’cause you just can’t stop listening to it.

  • 2NE1:

Oh boy, I’ll never forgive YG for tossing my world upside down, even though BLACKPINK was bestowed upon the K-World.

One Word, LEGENDS! QUEENS! Actually that’s two words but still it’s only quite fitting, don’t you think?

This song-I AM THE BEST– is probably the 2NE1s answer in 2011 to SNSD‘s being dubbed as the Nation’s Girl Group (Which is quite true till this very day, 2NE1 IS LIKE MY RIGHT EYE, SNSD IS MY LEFT EYE- EQUAL LOVE!)

Come Back Home hits home, really! This live performance is everything and the MV is pretty awesome too.

So what did you think? You like it or nah?



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