How Much Do You Know About These Four First Generation K-POP Groups?

While all is known about the presently active K-POP groups thanks to the internet, social media that has catered to the rise of many idol groups, we gotta  have to talk about the first generation KPOP groups who were instrumental in the foundation of the now acclaimed industry.

Here are some of the first generation k-pop groups! 

  1. Seo Taiji and Boys:

Seo Taiji and Boys made their debut in 1992 and stormed through the Korean music industry.

  • The group consisted of three members, Seo Taiji ( Lead Vocals), Yang Hyun-suk(Backing Vocals and Dance) and Lee Juno (Backing Vocal & Dance)
  • Seo Taiji, a songwriter, record producer, singer formed the group with Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Juno.
  • The group’s music caught the attention of the audience due to its experimental music and incorporation of MIDI technology which created new type of sounds and music often mixing pop , alternative rock, alternative metal and hip-hop.
  • The group attained overwhelming success, tey later disbanded in 1996.
  • Yang Hyun-suk later formed YG Entertainment which rose to become one of the top most companies in the music industry.
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 6.59.46 PM.png
Yang Hyun-suk, Seo Taiji, Lee Juno

2. H.O.T:

H.O.T., a five member boy group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 1996 gained mainstream success quickly, they are often dubbed as the ‘first boy group’.

  • H.O.T (High five Of Teenagers) was formed specifically to target teenagers which made them dragged them right to the top.
  • They were the very first group to have a million seller album despite of a financial crisis in South Korea during that period.
  • They maintained a friendly rivalry with Sech Kies, they also enjoyed success in Taiwan, China.
  • The group consisted of Moon Hee-joon, Jang Woo-hyuk, Tony An, Kangta, Lee Jae-won.HOT-1.jpg

3. S.E.S:

S.E.S, a trio girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment achieved mainstream success soon after their debut.

  • S.E.S popularity was no joke, in fact they were considered in equal variance to H.O.T, a boy group who debuted from the same company.
  • The trio constituted Bada, Eugene and Shoo who saw success as a group and also triumphed in their individual activities.
  • S.E.S is considered to be the first successful girl group at a time when the boy groups were dominating the music scene.
  • The group officially disbanded in 2002, the group got back together for a comeback in December, 2016.
Bada, Eugene, Shoo

4. Fin.K.L:

Fin.K.L are considered to be one of the most successful girl group’s along with S.E.S

  • Fin.K.L has sold over 2.2 million albums along with S.E.S.
  • The group consisted of Ock Joo-hyun, Sung Yuri, Lee Jin, Lee Hyori.
  • They have won numerous awards and have had prosperous solo careers with all of them, leaving their entertainment agency, DSP Entertainment although it has been speculated that the group might make a comeback as they haven’t officially broken up as a group.
    Lee Jin, Lee Hyori, Ock Joo-hyun, Sung Yuri

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