GIF are one of the best ways to express your K-POP-ping emotions and plaster it all  over the internet.

Here are some of my favourite gifs that I found (some of ’em) and created while I was bored: (I created the first four gifs and the rest I found on the ‘World Wide Web’ 😛 )

1.  This is me when I see a mutual K-POP fan:

giphy (1).gif

2.  Ha! This is totally us when you’re reading tweets, YouTube comments and international fandom clash:

giphy (2).gif

3. Whole awkward body movements along with some alien noise exactly at 12 A.M:

giphy (3).gif

4. The first time you watch a MV of your favs:

giphy (4).gif


.5. Bruh! This coordination though, they be rockin’..:

giphy (6).gif

6. Fangirl/ Fanboy feels: (Lol)

giphy (7).gif

7. “Woah! I cannot even.. You serious?” moment:giphy (8).gif

8. You should totally send this to your friends:

giphy (9).gif


9. You don’t even know how many times your heart went poof, like this right? :giphy (10).gif

10. Someone: I don’t like k-pop, what’s so special about it? YOU:

giphy (11).gif

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