K-POP Girls Who Totally Nailed The Red Hair Look

Hair color has always been quite the eye-catcher for fans of K-Pop idols which makes them stand out among the other members of the group. In particular though, my favorite is the red tonic, vivacious hair color shades (Strawberry Red, Burgundy, Cherry Red, Copper red)  that are simply just fitting for K-Pop idols,  and moreover eye-pleasing, especially for the girl groups fans, like myself…

Fans can sometimes even get the urge to even take it up a notch and get their hair colored after seeing their faves, which only seems reasonable, if you ask me, because of the K-effect! xD

So here are some of the girls from girl groups who can totally rock the red and its wonderful shades!

  1. Krystal:



I mean, look at that, Soojung slaying ’em all with that hair and that look. Damnn!

2. Yura:


Yura is holy, literally a freakin’ goddess, I kid you not!


Look at her! Swoon!


3. Wendy:


Wannie (Wendy) looks the best and the Red Velvet stylist finally decided to do some much overdue justice to this beauty.

The stylist needs to get rid of her frickin’ bangs though. Just look at my boo! Boo nailed and owned this look.


Heart Eyes


4. Sunny:

What struck me the most during SNSD’ s comeback was Sunny’s hair color, I only watched her in the MV ’cause she looked pretty, like really beautiful (This had to be in frickin’ bold letters!)


 “I don’t like it, I love it, love it, love it!”


5. Amber:

Let’s talk about Amber!

This girl is EVERYTHING! She was born to slay us all.


Still not convinced? I mean woulda look at those three red fringes in the front ever so beautiful on this rocker face, beauty who don’t need no one.


Amber, the love of millions and millions of hearts around the world. Keep rocking that look, Queen Llama Queen!

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