Best Music Video’s In K-POP: EDITION III

Here we here! With so many enthralling MVs it’s quite hard to selectively pick out the best because literally all of the K-POP music video’s are out of this world.

As it was mentioned in the previous posts there are many MVs that simply needs to have a place in the upcoming posts as it is with this one.

Feast them eyes!


Jessica, an entrepreneur,fashion icon, businesswoman,actress, singer-songwriter, released her first solo EP titled With Love, J which got her fans shook ; though the first single from the album that was released was Fly, it was Love Me The Same the second single from the album that has captured the hearts of many fans including me.

What’s so special about this album is that Jessica has had her part in penning down the lyrics for four songs (Fly, Falling Crazy In Love, Love Me The Same, Golden Sky) out the six songs featured on the album.

Coridel Entertainment, under which Jessica has been signed released an English version of the album excluding the track Dear Diary. The album charted the 4th position on the US World Albums on Billboard, 1st position on Gaon Chart.

We’ve all known Jessica as one of the members of Girls’ Generation but with this EP, Jessica Jung, the artist was born and I must say the music video’s for both Fly and Love Me Same reflects her style, her sweet vocals and the visual treat that is the MV for both the songs is what makes it a little more special and more than worthy to be mentioned here.

2. BTOB:

These goofs are the best,, honestly I don’t know why people are sleeping on them , they are as talented as any other group, one of my favorite MVs from Born To Beat is the song I’ll Be Your Man.

The endearing vocals and on point rapping blend well with the MV, the firing passion with which these guys sing is no joke.

3. Red Velvet:

While Red Velvet achieved mainstream success with songs like Dumb Dumb, Russian Roulette , Rookie, Happiness, Ice Cream just to name a few to attribute to the  The Red concept of  striking, energetically bright image of the group.

One has gotta acknowledge the fact that these girls can pull off the sultry, mature,classy elegant concept with more limelight on their vocals pretty much soaring the velvety, soft side of the spectrum ; Be Natural , Automatic, One of These Nights, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Light Me Up, Rose Scent Breeze( Sung by Wendy, Seulgi and Joy) all of these songs showcase the mellifluous vocals of the group.

For a lot of reasons the MVs of Red Velvet seem to have an undertone of the lyrical content of the songs in their music video’s with dream-like sequences, inter-connecting web of symbolism throughout the MVs.

In fact a popular theory was speculated by a Korean Blogger that the MV for One of These Nights was said to be a tribute to the Sewol Ferry Accident which took the lives of high schoolers. You can read about it here.

4. IU:

Among the dominating girl and boy groups, here is an artist who has scaled immense heights of success in the music field.

IU a singer-songwriter, actress has been often termed one of the leading trailblazer’s of K-POP , with nine extended plays and three studio albums IU has managed to captivate the global audience just the way she’d managed to entrance the fans in her native country.

Chat-Shire,  the third studio album from the songbird is extra special because IU exerted creative control over the whole album penning down the lyrics for all the seven tracks (Shoes, Zezé, Twenty-Three, Red Queen, Shower, Knees, Glasses) and composing the music for four out of the seven tracks (Twenty-Three, Shower, Knees, Glasses); IU is credited as the album’s producer.

The MV for Twenty -three is for everyone who is confused and struggling to grow up- IU has got us covered– quite cleverly written lyrics and the  confusion that explodes throughout the video because that’s exactly what growing feels like… Damn! The feels..


Let’s talk about Sistar! Like the Queens they are Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, Dasom totally slayed with their comeback last year with I Like That the group’s fourth EP.

The whole song is catchy with some innovative choreography with curtains and truly ever since watching the MV, I can say that I’ve watched the live performances and the official music video countless number of times.

The vocals and those visuals and the Dasom-Bora ship officially set sail in this MV. Hyorin ma girl, Soyou slaying us all. You ought to watch this MV if you haven’t already because what is life in K-POP if you don’t stan talent.

Watcha think? Tell us in the comment section! -J



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