Some Of The Best Girl Group OTPs in K-POP

You know how you see some kind of chemistry in a movie or drama between two characters/people who bear no romantic significance whatsoever yet fans will take that leap and let everyone know that the ship has set sail.

OTPs simply means ‘One True Pairing’, the fans of many girl groups ship members together for their erm… chemistry (wink) funny moments together and just for the sake of shipping someone with anyone.

Here are some of the best OTPs among the sea of girl groups:

All aboard!

1.f (x) :

Right from their debut, Krystal and Amber (KryBer), members of f (x) have found a certain place amongst the fans who have constantly noticed some kind of chemistry between the two talented ladies. But one can never stay in lane on just one particular OTP ,  many would spend endless hours watching YouTube video’s of their ultimate ships. You and Me, both!

Luna, Amber, Krystal, Victoria

But the best part about girl group’s ( and boy groups) is that you can literally ship everyone with each other; f (X) is one such GG- Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Luna and Sulli (former member)- have had such great bonding that you simply feel the need to ship everyone with each other. Queens, I know right!

2. Yuri and Jessica: (YulSic)

Before YoonYul (Ship Name-Yoona and Yuri) there was YulSic, a ship that was sailing smooth in the damn ocean which shockingly ( It was for me.. Tears..) drowned and sunk to the bottom when Jessica was removed from the group. There certainly was a special bond between Jessica and Yuri , which sadly we’ll never get to see again although hoping that we get see Jessica with SNSD as a whole, soon.

Jessica and Yuri

3. Hyeri and Yura: (Hyera)

These two dorks from Girl’s Day are everything, they have such great personalities, fans have been shipping these two right from the start. You should probably watch their moments together on YouTube, and let me warn you that there is a high certainty that you will search for more video’s of Hyeri and Yura.

Yura and Hyeri


Mamamoo is literally one of the best girl group’s in K-POP, talented, funny and gorgeous puuting a smile on everyone’s face but MoonSun though, you can just feel the bonding relationship between them every time ( like damn! )

Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa

Hwasa and Wheein are also one of the best OTPs to ever exist, as a fact of matter you can ship all the four girls with each other because their chemisry is no joke- that fiery charm!

5. Red Velvet :

Red Velvet is on a whole different level, talented and funny, adorkable enthralling the fans everyday. Wendy and Seulgi have this wonderful relationship with every member in the group, and the best part you can ship (Yes, you guessed it!) everyone with them because that’s how they charm their way into people’s heart.

Stunning! Irene, Joy, Yeri, Wendy, Seulgi

Irene and Seulgi(SeulRene) , Irene and Wendy(WenRene), Joy and Yeri(JoyRi), Wendy and Seulgi(SeulDy) Joy and Wendy (JoyDy) Yeri and Irene(YeRene) – could anything get better than this? I think not! 

6. Mina and Chaeyoung: (MiChaeng)

Twice have individual personalities that shine out the best when they have any moment with any of the members. One of the favourite otps in Twice-MiChaeng. I could write a book about them like no kidding.

Mina and Chaeyoung

7. APink:

If you’re a fan of APink then you might be more than aware of this OTP, Bomi is hella funny and Chorong is such a cutie, in fact Apink together have such great personalities. Eunji, Namjoo, Hayoung, Naeun, Chorong, Bomi- this group whenever on any show will make you burst out laughing. I can never have one OTP in this group, seriously. Eunji and Namjoo (Heart Eyes) Naeun and Hayoung.

Hayoung, Eunji, Bomi, Naeun, Chorong, Namjoo

8. GFriend:

SinB and Yerin (SinRin) of GFriend have this relationship where one annoys the other, from cute to glare real quick, back and forth.

Eunha, Yuju, Yerin, SinB, uMJI, Sowon

Sowon and Eunha is the ultimate otp after SinRin while Yuju and Umji are in their own little kingdom and these two can talk in alien language.

Like their name suggests GFriend likes GFriend, which makes sense.

9. Taeyeon and Tiffany: 

The mother of all the other OTPs, I present to you TaeNy.

Tiffany and Taeyeon

For about nearly ten years we’ve seen Taeyeon and Tiffany stick together, the mutual love and support with which TaeNy have grown their friendship is truly amazing. You guys, they’re soulmates, for real!

Tell us about your favorite girl group OTP in the comment section. Like , Share and Follow!



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