Some of The Best Music Video’s in K-POP: EDITION-II

This is the second compilation of some of the best MVs in K-POP. Too many MVs might make it seem too cluttered hence various compilations which will follow through.

Here we go!


I gotta say this group is probably is the first girl group that I’ve stanned right from their debut, BLACKPINK  last year in August; their stage presence and vocal are a perfect combination of  everything that you’d expect from a group, in fact BLACKPINK were the fastest girl group to achieve a perfect all-kill for their debut song ‘Whistle‘ from their first album Square One. And the music video for ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘Boombayah‘ are marvelous, the whole cinematography and background setting add to the already razing vocals and  rapping of the group. Let’s hope YG Entertainment does things right with them, because they have lot more to showcase in terms of vocals and maybe songwriting in the future which would make them slide into the top position in the music charts just as how Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa slide their way into everyone’s heart.Whistle is also one of the best shot MVs even though I haven’t put it up in this post, Do watch it though. (Watch the video you’ll know. 😉

Watch the video below ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘Boombayah’:



2. KARD:

Now, KARD is not your typical boy group/ girl group they’re in fact a co-ed with Soomin, Jiwoo, BM, J.Seph who formed under DSP Entertainment who had managed Kara, Rainbow previously. Here’s the thing, the group hasn’t officially had their debut, they had chosen to release three project singles before they release their debut album. KARD attributes a specific card to the members of the group (Ace- J.Seph, King-BM, Both their project singles ‘Oh NaNa’ and ‘Don’t Recall’ have captured the attention of a global audience. These two songs have a western influence which has made them a hit globally even before their debut. The MVs for the two songs are well shot and the choreography is amazing too. Bottom line, Stan this group because it is a rarity to have girls/boys together as a group but more than that all of them are individually talented which makes the whole lot shine together.

Watch Don’t Recall and Oh NaNa (Personal Opinion: Don’t Recall is something else listen to it first!)

3. BTS:

One of the best boy groups in K-POP, their edgy, forefront song and choreography for ‘Blood, Sweat &Tears’ is simply amazing. The song is on par with what is expected from the group the MV is what that makes it extra special. The MV starts with the group entering an art museum and the explosive music sets in reeling everyone in to BTS world. Watch it because this group never fails to prove why they ae one of the front-runner’s in the music industry. Jin, Jungkook, V, Jimin, RapMonster, Suga, J-hope are changing the gamme as a group.

Dope is quite fitting as the name of the MV , don’t you think so ?;)

4. f (X) :

Quite surprised that I haven’t written a single post about my ultimate Queens, f(x) (Do expect to see them mentioned here on this blog) . This girl group comprising Victoria (Supreme Goddess) Amber (Llama Goddess) Luna (Moon Goddess) Krystal (Aesthetic Goddess) who continued as a group after the departure of Sulli (Former Member of the group-Heavenly Goddess) released the album 4Walls. The music video for the lead track 4 Walls gives a whole retro vibe and the mirroring concept (I think?) surely did make everyone go whoa after watching the MV. f (X) is one of the best girl groups in K-POP with some top charting songs and globally acclaimed music video with different concepts. ‘Red Light’ is one of the my all-time favorite’s.


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