Korean Celebrities Who Will Enlist This Year: 2017

Mandatory Military Service or National Service is compulsory for all citizens of the Republic of Korea under its supreme law, Constitution of the Republic of Korea, though the present law for conscription is only applicable to males.

The age for enlistment can be from 18 to 35, with two types of service: 1) Active Duty 2)Non-Active Duty.

The time period of the service can vary depending upon the branches accordingly,

  1. Active Duty:
  • Navy: Service period of 23 months
  • Air Force: Service period of 24 months
  • Army and Marine Corps:Service period of 21 months

2.Non-Active Duty:

  • Civil Service Worker
  • Public Service Worker

(Service period for both is from 24 to 36 months)

With this whole compulsory military service fans of many actors and pop idols have been holding on as they won’t be able to see their beloved¬†oppas for two years.¬†Though there have been some controversies surrounding about special treatment for some, about which I will be writing later, perhaps the next post ; as for now, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who will most likely enlist in 2017, shall we?


  1. TOP (BigBang):

TOP of BigBang had enlisted earlier this year on February 9th at the Nonsan Army Training Center and has enlisted as a police officer who will serve the duty for 21 months at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station.




Junsu of JYJ had enlisted at the same training center and same date as TOP.



3. Lee Min Ho:

Lee Min Ho is expected to enlist this year with having undertaken a physical exam in 2016 was selected to serve as a public service officer rather than joining the military.



4. Kyuhyun (Super Junior):

Kyuhyun apparently is enlisting as a public service officer though the exact date of enlistment has not been confirmed, he’d received the ruling to serve as a public service officer due to his involvement in a car accident which prompted his recovery for four months.



5. Taecyeon(2PM):

Taecyeon stated in a press conference of Let’s Fight Ghost in 2016 that he will begin his mandatory military service this year.



6. G-Dragon (BigBang):

G-Dragon will be enlisting after the release of his solo album at the latter half of this year.


7. Taeyang (BigBang):

Taeyang is also expected to enlist after the release of his solo album contratry to the rumors that all the members of BigBang would enlist together.


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