Some of the Best Music Video’s in K-POP: (Edition-I)

It’s quite well-known that the companies managing girl groups and boy groups shed prodigal care in the production of music videos; the eye-catching set design and aesthetic explosion of color blending well with the concept of the song and the fine-tuned choreography has always been a winning formula when it comes to the K-POP industry to reel in audience worldwide.

Here are some of the best music videos compiled together, in no particular order.
BIGBANG are certainly on the top, with their experience exceeding their 10 year journey in the industry. It is no news that these savvy,well-tuned artists are known to redefine themselves in everything they do; from composition, production of their songs, songwriting-they can do it all. ‘Fxxk It‘ released as a digital single from the group’s album, MADE, has been praised and well received for it funky, mid-tempo
tone transitioning soon into electro-hiphop beats with  raps, killer vocals with the group casually enjoying in an eye-smacking setting. Watch the video below :

2. SNSD:
Where can we start with this group of girls, they’ve had some of the best music videos though what stands out most is the one for “I Got A Boy“.

I GOT A BOY, was a hit both in South Korea and internationally, the latter claiming the group the Video of The Year award at the very first YouTube Music Awards. The choreography by NappyTabs  (NapoleOn and Tabitha D’umo, Emmy award-winning choreographers, they choreographed Ed Sheeran’sThinking Out LoudTVXQ, EXO, BoA JUST to name a few) has certainly topped the musical hybridity between bubblegum pop, hiphop, electro-pop vibe of the song with the well-known killer vocals and raps from the group.

Here’s the video:

3. BAP:
BAP rose prominently soon after their debut in 2012, they were described as a versatile group by MTV Korea. The group’s leader, Yongguk has had a part in the production of all the tracks in their debut EP Warrior.

Young, Wild and Free” the group’s title track was released from their album Matrix a year after their lawsuit against their entertainment company TS Entertainment stating that they had faced unfair working conditions and profit distribution.
This song with its lyrics hitting the note of all the hardships they have gone through,
with edgy, grunge background setting and the vocals and rap by the group has made the video stand out.

Check it  out here:

4. 2NE1:
2NE1 are truly instrumental in pushing K-POP to the outer boundaries of the globe, they have this iconic, legendary presence in the scene, from performances to blending each of the member vocals to their well produced music videos. That’s why their disbandment news came as a major shock for Blackjacks, their fans globally, one simply cannot deny that they are as legendary as the other groups who made their debut after 2005, truly the end of an era.

2NE1 released a final music video titled “Goodbye” for their fans. This music video shot in black and white landscape with the smooth vocals of Dara, CL and Bom with images and videos of all the members( including Minzy )running in the background, sure left a heavy feeling in everyone who watched them grow as a group through success and hardships;

2NE1 left a massive void in the KPOP industry that can never be filled by any other group.

Watch their music video “Goodbye” below:

5. EXO:
The group’s comeback with the single “Monster” from their third studio album Ex’Act was an enormous success with the song charting the No.1 position on Billboard World Digital Songs’.With the official parting of Tao, Kris and Luhan from S.M.Entertainment due to their contractual disputes, the group continued to attain success with the remaining members.

The song and the music video has been well received for its edge-cutting choreography, the dark-intense setting with the mid-tempo tone of the music.
The song was named one of the best KPOP songs of 2016 with many music show wins for EXO, also being nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ at the 18th Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Check out the video:

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There will be other compilation of music video’s soon! 

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    1. Actually there are many quality MVs in K-pop, one can simply say this is the best and so on… That’s why this is the first edition because there many mv’s which will be compiled soon.. Stay Tuned for more! 🙂


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