Here Are Some Facts About White Day

White Day is usually marked exactly one month after Valentine’s Day on the 14th of March every year, celebrated commonly in South Korea , Japan.

  • So what does White Day commemorate?

Well the people from these two countries have always had a knack of turning the world’s attention towards them over the years- from anime, video games to some of the biggest industries from music, automobile, software and what not- it is only fitting that they have their own twist to Valentine’s Day, because why not?

Typically, Valentine’s Day celebrations globally involve women and men exchanging gifts, deserts, and chocolates (one can never forget chocolates!) jewelry with a whole lot of extravagant settings, dates to woe their loved ones.

But in Japan and South Korea, Valentine’s Day is the time for women to show their affection for men showering them with gifts, chocolates as an expression of love.

White Day is the reverse of Valentine’s Day, where it’s the men who return the favor by giving gifts, white chocolates, lingerie, jewelry, shoes, clothing to the women.



  • Origin of White Day:

White Day was first celebrated in Japan in 1978 by the Fukuoka-based confectionery company, Ishimura Manseido , by marketing marshmallows to men, though initially referred to as ‘Marshmallow Day’ it didn’t quite catch up with the population then.

The National Confectionery Industry Association started marketing the day as an “Reply Day / Answer Day) to Valentine’s Day for the men to return the favor to the women who’d given them other gifts and chocolates.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

A month after Valentine’s Day, men return the favor by giving chocolates and gifts thrice more valuable than what they’d received.

(Sanbai Gaeshi in Japanese simply means “thrice the return”)

From Japan, this celebration quickly spread to other East Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan and China.


Pretty sure this celebration is going to invade the globe, soon, because who doesn’t love receiving gifts?  Right? (Wink)

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