Some Events in K-POP Every Fan Should Know About

Are you  new to K-POP or a fan who’s curiously wanting to know about the K-POP industry, from controversies to rising acclaims, iconic moments.
We got you covered! This post will shed some light on some of the historic, astounding moments that left a mark in the K-industry. (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)

1 .  TVXQ:


For the new generation kpop fans who might be unaware of TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) often dubbed as the ‘KINGS OF K-POP’ are a five member group who later split when in 2009 when the three members of the group (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) filed a lawsuit against S.M ENTERTAINMENT to terminate their contracts stating that the contract period of thirteen years was quite long with unscheduled shows without permissions .The news about their split spread like wildfire as TVXQ were deemed the one of the most successful boy groups of the industry, with S.M. ENTERTAINMENT stock price dropping over 10% in KOSPI (The Korea Composite Stock Price Index)
TVXQ nows continues as a duo with Yunho and Changmin achieving abounding success worldwide.

2. Gangnam Style:

Gangnam style is something that people would instantly recognize as it garnered massive popularity around the worldwide with the video achieving two billion views on Youtube, the  first video to do so. PSY has went on to achieve global success with performances globally.His other music videos have been well received with his comedy gags in music video, he is considered by many journalists as a K-POP international icon deviating from the typical K-POP idol characteristics often portrayed. His music video “Gentleman”  & “Hangover”  have also been well received by the fans worldwide.




3.  BTS:

BANGTAN BOYS within just a few years have managed to garner a worldwide audience and make their unabashed mark in the K-POP industry. Their artistry is something that made them rise to the top of the whole music scene. Billboard recognized the group for their involvement in the composition and production of their songs.
With a record breaking view count for ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ with over 6 million views on Youtube within 24 hours of release,
to tackling some issues through their music in a conservative, traditional society.
BTS also charted the No.1 position in the Billboard World Album Chart with The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2, a first for a K-Pop act and held that position for multiple weeks.



4.  SNSD:

SNSD , most popularly knows as Girl’s Generation have been a vital part in the rise of K-POP, described as ‘The Nation’s Girl Group’ the now eight group members have scaled great heights of success and acclaim around the globe, but this wasn’t the case when they first debuted into a music scene that was dominated by boy groups.
One incident that always comes up when talking about the group is the quite infamous event during the Dream Concert -where many groups perform at the end of the year.
Girl’s Generation, afresh into the music scene performed their song ‘Into The New World’  to a pitch black stadium.
This was because at that time as mentioned above the k-pop music was rumbling with boy groups and their fans decided to boycott SNSD’S performance by turning off their light-sticks thus appearing as if there was no one present.
There have been rumours and theories as to why this happened, but this incident has been one of the most talked about events in K-POP.
Girls’ Generation went onto become the very first K-pop act to win the Video of The Year award at the inaugural Youtube Music Awards for their video “I Got a Boy


5. Ladies Code:

Ladies Code who were just starting out as a girl group, met with a terrible fate on 3rd September 2014 that changed the course of the girl group drastically. When the group (Ashley, Sojung, Zuny, Rise, EunB) were travelling from a schedule in Daegu along with their manager behind the wheel, they met with a fatal accident which took the life of two members of the group. EunB was pronounced dead on arrival at the Sungbin Medical Center while all the other four members were rushed to various hospitals. Four days after EunB’s passing Rise was pronounced dead after hours of surgeries at the Ajou University hospital, while Sojung’s condition stabilized a few days later, Ashley and Zuny along with their manager and stylist sustained minor injuries.
This incident shook the entire industry as it shed some blunt light on the tight schedules that the idol groups are put through.
Investigations into the car accident lead to reveal that the manager Mr.Park was driving over the speed limit causing the van to skid several times before crashing into a protective wall in the vicinity at the Singal Junction of Yeongdong Expressway.
Ladies Code made a comeback with the remaining three members releasing a mini-album.



6. SechsKies:

Sechs Kies is a boy band who debuted in 1997 and later disbanded in 2000 with their final performance at the Dream Concert (“Bye” and “Remember Me”).
The the six member group (Eun Jiwon, Lee Jaijin, Kim Jaeduck, Ko Ji Yong, Kang Sunghun, and Jang Suwon) performed on a episode of Infinity Challenge;  Ko Ji Yong joining the group to perform was a surprise as many had been contemplating about his presence as he’d left the entertainment industry completely after the disbandment.
When more than 6,000 fans showed up with yellow raincoats and balloons to show their support for the group for their performance which had been prepared by the TV program Infinity Challenge.
SechsKies signed a contract with YG Entertainment, releasing an album and topping both the Melon and Gaon charts, being one of the two groups to do so in 2016, the other being BigBang.
The group’s reunion proved the enormous fan following they’ve when their concert tickets sold rapidly under 3 minutes.



While BIGBANG , a quintet boy group have made their impeccable mark with G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri often involved in the production and composition of the group’s albums
and attaining success in films and musicals; the eye-catching evolution of this boy group has lead them to be dubbed often as the ‘biggest boy band worldwide‘.
To mark their 10th year anniversary, the group’s documentary BigBang Made was released in South Korea, which follows the boy group during their record breaking worldwide tour; from the beginning till the end of the tour.
This group’s continued success, critical acclaim and their journey through the ten years have been if anything remarkable, which only made it seem right to include them in this post.
BigBang have certainly been one of the most prominent trendsetters bringing global recognition to the K-POP music industry.


8. BoA:

BoA who had her debut at the age of thirteen has risen to become a household name of K-POP, often referred as the Queen Of K-POP.
BoA was the first Korean artist to break through in Japan following the fall of barriers that had restricted the import and export of entertainment between the two countries since the end of World War II.
BoA has went on to become one of the most successful Korean artist to have flourished success in the Japanese music market.
She has also released a self-titled album in English collaborated with some high-profile singers like Westlife (Irish Band) Howie D (Backstreet Boys), Akon to name a few; she has had a tremendous success in the Asian Music Market with a global fan following.

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