Why you should watch ‘Please Come back, Mister’

Let this post convince to you to watch  ‘Please, Come back mister’

To start off with the synopsis of the drama/ comedy/ fantasy series:

Kim Young-Soo(Kim In-kwon) is a department manager at the Sujin’s department , he overworks straining his health and thus his relationship with his wife Shin Da-hye ( Lee Min-Jung). One such overtime working leads to his death as he accidentally falls off from the roof of a building. His company writes his death as a suicide in order to avoid the blame for overworking him.

Han Gi-Tak (Kim Soo-roo) a former gangster runs a restaurant and works as the head chef, his former flame Song Yi-yeon ( Lee Ha Nui) an actress comes to meet him after distancing herself from him for a very long time. This prompts Cha Jae-gook (Chae Won-young) her ex-husband to build up a scandal in order to gain custody of their son. Gi-Tak loses his life in an car accident.

In the afterlife as both of them arrive they feel the need to return, Kim Young Soo: to prove his death wasn’t a suicide and to take care of his family, Han Gi Tak : to protect Song Yi Yeon. They both are return to life in new bodies,Young Soo as

Lee Hae-joon (Rain), a handsome young man; and Gi-tak as Han Hong-nan (Oh Yeon Soo), a pretty young woman. They have three rules:

1. They can not reveal their true identities.

2. Revenge is forbidden.

3. They cannot engage in human affairs.

If any of these rules are broken, the fact that either of them ever existed will be erased.

If this synopsis of the storyline doesn’t convince you then let the below imagery do that:

1.This cast is so handsome, beautiful af:


(I mean come on, just look at those damn looks, Gold!)

  • 2. When Rain totally could look dashing in both of these looks:
  • 45db6557428e8ef80cadcee621b133f2.jpg


3. When these two were like whoa as Rain flaunted his abs:


(Chocolate abs, as he calls them.)

4 When these four talented, funny people knew how to pose  like a woman:


5. When Yeon-Soo brilliantly portrayed a man trapped in a woman’s body:


6.When this cast could convey their dramatic sense, their comedic timing, and of course the romantic looks:


7. Now calm your nerves, perverts . I know what you’re thinking, but this scene is rather a funny one:

hqdefault (1).jpg

8. You might see Rain and Yeon -Soo‘s drunk comedic sense:


So, there, my final word: watch it, you will love this show.

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