12 Tweets about why K-POP Fandom is the best

Because, once you enter the K-world you never find your way out.

1. When being a K-POP fan gave you life lessons:

True Story Bro.

2. When they were down right about the struggles of being an international fan:


3. When they were extra letting their imagination run conversations between idols  (wait… imagination or for real…)

4.  When they thought that their favs deserved better:

5.  When they knew that their favs were ethereal, out of this world:

6.  When they weren’t afraid to call out the entertainment companies:







7.When they couldn’t get their damn mind together:

8.When a trivial act of their favs was of vital significance in their lives:
9.  When they couldn’t control their excitement about other idol groups enjoying their fav group’s songs:

10.  When their obsession passed onto their family:
11.  When they couldn’t control their inner feelings:
12.  And, finally, when the fans got real about their feelings:


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